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The "Dachaidh" Collection

The "Dachaidh" collection is inspired by the landscape we are surrounded by in Aberdeenshire. Dachiadh translating to "home" in Scots Gaelic. We are two years into a global pandemic, which has completely re-evaluated the way we think about travel and the outdoors. Throughout lockdown, we've spent more time in areas close to home and really exploring these places and their connection to us. In Aberdeen, we are incredibly lucky to have such a diverse range of wilderness just on our doorstep, and Dachaidh is an exploration of just that.    A journey from the iconic sand dunes of the Forvie Nature Reserve to the dramatic, craggy cliffs of Cove overlooking the North Sea, to the majesty of the awe inspiring Lochnagar in the Cairngorms. Dachaidh is a collection of handcrafted bags and accessories that reflect the ever-changing landscape in the North East of Scotland.