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'Fernweh' - (n)  An ache for distant places, craving for travel. 
The adventure began in Aberdeen, Scotland in 2014...
Inspired by a passion of adventure, exploring off the beaten path and travelling into the unknown, we at Fernweh strive to create high quality, handmade products that bring a little bit of adventure into everyday life.
Fernweh UK is the brainchild of Scottish fashion designer Laura Sherriffs. A 2013 graduate of Grays School of Art, Laura set up Fernweh UK in July 2014 in her hometown of Aberdeen. As a self confessed rock climbing obsessive, Laura realised that it was difficult to find accessories for climbing that matched her personal style, so made her own chalk bag. Thus the first Fernweh product was born. Fernweh was conceived from an urge to create high quality, artisan products for the adventurers and explorers in our midst. 
Fernweh has evolved from being a brand creating hand made rock climbing chalk bags, to a brand that has been sold internationally, focused on bringing a little adventure into even the more mundane areas of everyday life. We have a fantastic support and loyal group of fans and we are committed to keep building this amazing Fernweh global community, as that thirst for adventure and the great outdoors knows no boundaries.
We are inspired by the world around us, particularly the beautiful scenery we have here in Scotland. We are lucky to have the Cairngorms and Highlands right on our doorstep, the Scottish wilderness is a vial of creativity and inspiration and we hope that our products inspire our customers to head out and explore the great outdoors. We all have a responsibility to look after this fantastic land, and we at Fernweh try our best to be as conscious and ethical as possible in our collections  and believe that the best way to do this is to create products that are made to last. We feel that sustainability through longevity, using organic fabrics/dyes and trying our hardest to create as minimal wastage as possible, not only create a much more ethical product, but create pieces that last, that will become cherished, timeless pieces in our customer's lives. 
Every single Fernweh piece is handcrafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, in house in the Fernweh studio in Aberdeen. We pride ourselves on using traditional artisanal methods such as knit, embroidery and leatherworking to create our products by hand, and are proud ambassadors of the 'slow fashion' movement.  We are immensely proud to be handmade in Scotland, and we look forward to continuing to evolve our little brand and continue the Fernweh story in the future.

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Go Further. Stay Curious.

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