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Fernweh is Live!

by Laura Sherriffs |  | 1 comment

Hello everyone! 

I'm  so excited about launching my first standalone e-commerce site tonight!


Fernweh has had so much support over the past few months and I am forever grateful to the early supporters of my little brand, you guys are what has made Fernweh what it is today, and I hope you guys continue to follow what I am creating in the future. 


To say thank you, I am giving everyone who shops the new site a lovely 20% off this entire week! Just quote "FERNWEHISLIVE20" to claim the discount!



I plan on using this blogspace to offer everyone a behind the scenes look into the daily running of Fernweh, behind the scenes photoshoots, new collection updates - and possibly some general ramblings about cats! 


I hope you all love the new site!




Fernweh Uk


Go Further. Stay Curious.


Comments (1)

  • chalkbloc on July 16, 2015

    Well done Laura the site looks ace!

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