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Fernweh: Circular

We are passionate about creating and growing a business that puts the planet before profit. We create products with purpose and one of our core values is that we make our bags to last. We offer repairs and rewaxing on tired Fernweh bags to renew them and keep them in tip top condition. Now, Fernweh: Circular is our first foray into closing the loop and reducing our impact on the planet.

Get in touch to discuss a repair or a rewax for your Fernweh bag at 


Return a preloved Fernweh piece in exchange for a voucher for our store, and we repair, rewax and rework the item into something completely new, diverting it from landfill and making sure it’s in use for as long as possible.

Once you are finished with your Fernweh bag or item, you can send it back instead of discarding it to landfill, in exchange for up to 20% off your next order. Then we will use the fabrics and hardware to rework them into unique pieces such as my patchwork bags, or one off experimental artworks and give the fabric a new lease of life.

This creates a circular loop of reusing and repurposing items, instead of the current fashion system of make-use-discard. We are excited to see what pieces are created.


Fernweh Circular Voucher


- For bags purchased in 2021 and 2022, bags can be exchanged for a 20% voucher.

- For bags purchased in 2020, bags can be exchanged for a 15% voucher.

- For bags purchased 2014 - 2019, bags can be exchanged for a 10% voucher.



What bags are accepted?

We accept all bags except chalk bags and boulder buckets that are covered in chalk at this time, we apologise any inconvenience caused. 


What information do I need?

Ideally a confirmation email or order number/name or some form of proof of date of purchase, an email address. 


Where can I use the voucher?

The e-voucher code will be emailed out on receipt of your bag,  and is valid on our website, excluding sale items.




To send back your bag please send us an email at