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Fernweh UK

Fernweh UK - Carabiner Mug

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Perfect for those long days at the crag, around campfires or treks into the mountains, the Fernweh UK Carabiner Mug is a great outdoor companion!
Lightweight, easy clean and made from quality stainless steel, this rugged little adventurer is more than capable of meeting the demands of a variety of outdoor adventures. 
It holds approximatively 200ml of your favourite summit beverage - or your favourite cosy soup to power you through the mountains, the stainless steel interior & exterior do a great job at keeping your choice beverage warm against the elements. Our favourite part of this great wee mug is the fab snapgate carabiner handle, allowing you to clip to your belt or bag when ready to continue your adventure. Laser engraved with our iconic Fernweh logo, this mug is handy, practical, lightweight and looks fantastic - open your flask and have your mug ready!
  • Made from double walled stainless steel for great insulation
  • Compact, durable and lightweight
  • Hold approx. 200ml of chosen beverage
  • Laser Engraved Logo Detail
  • Functioning snapgate carabiner for handy accessibility, clips to your bag or belt!



Weight - 105g
Height - 80mm approx
Width - 105mm approx
Hand wash only, not dishwasher safe. Do not microwave.
Go Further. Stay Curious.
Photography by Fernweh UK, Harry Renton, and Rose + Julien
Fernweh UK - Carabiner Mug

Fernweh UK - Carabiner Mug