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Community Masks




As well as my charity fundraising face masks, I'm also a believer that reusable face masks should be available to all, especially at these times when many are returning to work. 

Inspired by the Big Community Sew, I'm bringing back my offcut masks, with a focus on providing free masks to community organisations and charities, small businesses and those who need them. They are one size only, made from offcut scrubs fabric and lined with polycotton. They have a slip pocket to add an extra filter/cloth layer should you wish.


*PLEASE NOTE these are NOT medical grade masks, merely face coverings*

Please get in touch if you require these and I can get back to you with my availability. Please bear in mind I'm a one person business who is also trying to stay afloat during the pandemic so I cannot handle huge requests but if you fill out the below form I can get back to you with what I can provide.