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Zero Waste MEALL Adventure Pouch - Sage Ripstop

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 This pouch is made from deadstock waxed cotton. Our One of a Kind & Zero Waste bags use up our offcuts in creative ways, and are part of our commitment to reducing textile waste and creating brand that is as zero waste as possible. Deadstock fabric is fabric that would be classed as industry waste, surplus fabric leftover from mills and other brands, but we repurpose & divert it from landfill. It may have minor imperfections but this is a characteristic of the cloth.


Get ready for your next adventure with the "MEALL" Pouch.

Whether you're taking a hike in the Scottish Highlands, or exploring the beauty of the Scottish coast, the "MEALL" Adventure Pouch is designed to accompany you on your journey. "MEALL"  is a rugged, sturdy pouch, with lots of utility for its size. Perfect for keeping your essentials to hand whilst on the hills, or in the city. Crafted from the highest-quality materials, providing optimum durability and a timeless style that’ll look good on any adventure. With a robust clip and water-resistant waxed cotton, you can rest assured your essentials are safe and secure, no matter where they go.

With a solid brass clip, the "MEALL" adventure pouch can clip on to keys, a belt, or even our "MORVEN" tote, to keep your essentials within arms reach. Large enough to carry a passport and a phone, and featuring a double slip pocket internally, with a solid brass d-ring inside for clipping your keys to, means "MEALL" really can carry it all. On the back, "MEALL" also has a cotton webbing strap for extra storage, with the possibility of storing pens, carabiners, even a clip on torch. 

Water resistant, Scottish made waxed cotton means the "MEALL" pouch does a great job at protecting your valuables against the elements.

All handcrafted from concept to creation in the Fernweh studio in Aberdeen, Scotland. 

- Scottish Ripstop Waxed Cotton Outer - Orange
- Scottish Dry Waxed Cotton Lining 
- Internal Double Slip Pocket, riveted at stress points
- Solid Brass Internal D-Ring
- Uk made heavy cotton webbing strap panel
- Oak Bark Tanned Leather Strap 
- Solid Brass Swivel Clip
- Vegetable Tanned Leather label
- Bonded Nylon Thread
- YKK Zip

Please allow for slight variations as each pouch is handmade to order. Although we will get your order to you as soon as possible, please allow up to three weeks for manufacture and delivery as each item is handcrafted.

Approx 21cm (length) x 16cm (height) (approx A5)  - 15cm zip.

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Product Care
Waxed cotton canvas is a water resistant cotton which creases and marks as it wears. It means it creates a completely unique product, and becomes a visual representation of the adventure's it has been on. These marks are an inherent characteristic of the cloth, adding to the antique, vintage feel of the product.

Recommended care:
-As with all waxed cotton products, do not iron as this will cause the wax to melt.
- Hand wash only with cold water and leave to dry away from natural light.
- If pouch is particularly dirty, use a soft brush to wipe away excess dirt before cleaning, using a mild soap/detergent and cold water on more stubborn areas.
- As with all waxed products, re-wax every 6-12 months to restore waxed cotton to top condition. You can shop our wax tins here.

Sustainability & Transparency
All bags are handmade by me in my studio, allowing me to minimise waste, and reuse all scraps wherever possible.
£1 from each sale is donated to Trees For Life, who are rewilding the Caledonian Forest. You can view our grove here.

The waxed cotton is produced in Scotland, from a factory who have been pioneers of the waterproofing textiles industry since 1864. All of the materials of the "MEALL" pouch are sourced in the UK. You can read more about the materials we use and why we use them here.
Go Further. Stay Curious.

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Monogram Gallery

Create a unique touch to any Fernweh piece, with personalised monogramming. Since all our bags are created in house, we can add a personalised laser etched leather label, with a name, monogram or small phrase, to create a truly one of a kind, special piece. 


All our laser etched labels are created in house, which means we can ensure every piece of leather is used, and also means we can minimise waste. 

We can incorporate any text/initials to the monogram. Each product has a standard monogram placement but if you would prefer the monogrammed label in a specific place, just get in touch with us via email and we can accommodate this.


Monogrammed Order Process 

Bespoke monogramming has a cost of £10 to cover the set up fee. Each product has the option in its listing to add a monogram, select the "Add Monogrammed Label" option of the product you would like, and at check out, in the Order Notes section, leave the details of what you would like monogrammed. 

Alternatively, you can email us at


***Please note***

Monogrammed items are always handmade to order and will take 1-3 weeks to manufacture before dispatch. 

Monogrammed items are non refundable due to the customised nature of the product.  


Monogramming Gallery


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Our Materials

Each and every Fernweh piece is designed and sewn with the utmost care and attention in our Aberdeen studio by our founder Laura. We believe in doing things properly, creating well designed products from rugged, traditional fabrics and materials that will last a lifetime.  Here's a bit about the fabrics and materials we use.



Halley Stevensons

Waxed Canvas

Waxed cotton canvas is a cotton that has been treated with wax to give a unique, water resistant finish. Over time and use, the fabric will mark and crease, but these markings are an inherent characteristic of the cloth. It means every bag is truly unique, adding to the antique, vintage feel of the product. Each mark becomes a memory of the adventures the bag has been on, continuously adapting characteristics from the wearer, becoming a visual memory of your own adventures. Waxed cotton can be rewaxed again and again, making it a durable cloth with longevity, but being a cotton, at the end of its lifespan it is biodegradable. 

Waxed canvas has its history rooted in Scotland, in the North Sea fishing industry. It was derived from oilcloth and sailcloth, which fishermen coated with linseed oil and flax to weatherproof their sails from sea and storm alike. However, linseed yellowed and the cloth would stiffen, and so eventually it was found that coating cotton with wax gave a superior finish, and waxed cotton was pioneered. 

The waxed cotton canvas we use here at Fernweh is sourced from Halley Stevensons in Dundee, Scotland, who have been manufacturing waterproofing textiles since 1864. Only an hour down the road from the Fernweh studio, Halley Stevensons are pioneers of waxed cotton and are leaders in waxed cotton innovation and we are proud to support the UK textile industry.

Recommended care: 

-As with all waxed canvas products, do not iron as this will cause the wax to melt.- Hand wash only with cold water and leave to dry away from natural light.

- If bag is particularly dirty, use a soft brush to wipe away excess dirt before cleaning, using a mild soap/detergent and cold water on more stubborn areas.

- As with all waxed products, re-wax every 6-12 months to restore waxed cotton to top condition.

- Look out for a re-wax tutorial coming soon to our Journal.


Read more about Halley Stevensons on their website 

Image shows waxed cotton being produced at Halley Stevensons in Dundee.



We use a mix of oak bark and vegetable tanned leather at Fernweh, vegetable tanned on our labels and oak bark for the straps. 

Our leather is sourced from the last remaining oak bark tannery in Britain & uses a slow, zero waste process to tan each hide, which takes over a year from start to finish. Based in Devon, there's been a tannery on the site since the Roman era & it uses a 400 year old water wheel to power the tannery.  The hides come from local beef cattle in Devon as a by-product of the meat industry which are then tanned using oak bark.

The oak bark is sourced from sustainably coppiced UK trees (coppicing is a woodland management method of cutting back trees to ground level to stimulate new growth). The bark is ground and mixed with water from the River Coly to create a tannin liquor and the hide is tanned in a pit for 3 months before being layered between oak bark for another 9 months, making the tanning process take a year for each piece of leather. It's simple, heritage process and creates beautiful, long lasting leather with minimal environmental impact, the used bark is even used in gardening!



Learn more about this slow, sustainable approach to tanning leather here


oak bark tanned leather 


We use the best materials possible in our bags, and it made sense to look to do the same with the humble thread, the bread and butter of sewing. We use Bonded Nylon thread here at Fernweh for sewing all our bags. 
Manufactured in Chester, bonded nylon has become superior in all our bag sewing, and is far superior than cotton/poly thread for sewing pieces with longevity.  It's unbelievable strong, it's rot proof and has a high abrasion resistance, all fantastic qualities for making products that last a long time. 
All seams and stress points are stitched twice for extra strength, and flat felled topstitched seams in our panelled designs means extra durability in our design features.
Bonded Nylon thread spools





Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.

Zero Waste MEALL Adventure Pouch -  Sage Ripstop

Zero Waste MEALL Adventure Pouch - Sage Ripstop